This page contains links to examples of creativity. (For addiitional examples, see the Videos page.)


APeriodicTableOfVisualizationMethods.JPG - A terribly clever attempt to categorize multiple methods of visualizing data and represent them in the style of the periodic table of elements. A link to the article that accompanies the table: A link to visual maps of other researchers working in a similar vein:

AmazingCompositeStreetPhotographsOfNYC.JPG - What happens when you combine lots of photos of people in NYC? Take a look!
Ben Fry - Take a look at the ways a scholar from MIT is working with scientists to help them visually analyze and represent complex data sets. First, run the anemone applet and click any of the nodes and drag them to see the effects. Next, view the Quicktime movie of Valence. Before you do so, I recommend that you read the couple of paragraphs of textual explanation below the movie links so that you'll understand what you are watching.

Cool Mom Creates Bento-style Lunches for Son


CreativityWithFood.JPG - Blog with 12 different scenes created from food

DaveWernerNewLogo.JPG - Note the "maker" nature of most of his projects. His original portfolio, created in 2006, is an outstanding example of the powerful effects layering aesthetic, conceptual, emotional, intellectual, and visual elements using mixed media. Be sure to view Reflect/Respect.

EmbracingPotholesByTurningThemIntoHilariousImaginativeScenes.JPG - These interesting photos will amuse you.

GrafikDynamo.JPG - What happens when RSS meets text, images, and creative formats?

GuilhermeMarconi.JPG - Porfolio of work by a very creative graphic artist. Note the use of collage-like backgrounds created from illustrations, contrast, etc.


HondaAccordAd.JPG - It took 605 takes to make this



JuergLehni.JPG - Fascinating examples of how "hacking" common processes can yield creative results (the Hektor project, for example).



OrchestratingMixedMediaArtWithMentos.JPG - NPR Interview




The Creator - Interesting drawing that highlights the creative process from a faith-based perspective


(Many also available here.)



Yes, It's Watermelon - What happens when you mash up a fishbowl with a watermelon?!