This page contains links to both examples OF creativity and videos ABOUT creativity.

Examples OF Creativity

Acapella Science: Bohemian Gravity

(2013, September 16). Acapella science: Bohemian gravity. YouTube.


Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez. (2017). Alike (uploaded by Pepe School Land). Vimeo.

Animator v. Animation

Becker, Alan. (2006). Animator v. Animation. DeviantArt. Retrieved March 26, 2008, from

Ariston Aqualtis

Ariston Aqualtis. (2006, November 24). Ariston aqualtis. YouTube.

Cello Wars

The Piano Guys. (2011, December 2). Cello wars (star wars parody) lightsaber duel. YouTube.


(2006, December 1). Creatividad. YouTube. Retrieved June 21, 2011, from

Creatividad e Innovacion

Uruchima, Jimmy. (2008, June 26). Creatividad e innovacion (from Ratatouille). YouTube. Retrieved February 26, 2010, from - Examples of creative things the mouse did (from the movie in Spanish) to achieve his goals.


Jarabe de Palo. (2009, May 13). Depende. YouTube.

Jarabe de Palo. (2009, February 10). Depende. YouTube.

Extreme Sheep LED Art

(2009, March 16). Extreme sheep LED art. YouTube. Retrieved July 24, 2010, from

Fresh Guacamole

PesFilm. (2013, March 7). Fresh guacamole. YouTube.

Frozen Grand Central

Improv Everywhere. (2008, January 31). Frozen grand central. YouTube. Retrieved March 26, 2008, from
- See also Improv Everywhere Blog

Goldfish Salvation

Fukahori, Riusuke. (2011, December 26). Goldfish salvation. YouTube. Retrieved January 6, 2012, from

How to Build Your Creative Confidence

How to Build Your Creative Confidence (David Kelley)

Huge Foot Piano Duo

(2009, June 11). Huge foot piano duo - tocatta & fugue in d minor - bach. YouTube. Retrieved November 4, 2011, from


Ideo: An Innovative Design Company

IDEO Shopping Cart

IDEO Shopping Cart

I/O Brush

MIT. (2005, November 28). I/o brush. YouTube. Retrieved from

Light Painting

Thirteen Creative Lightpainting Animations

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Wesch, Michael. (2007, January 31). The machine is us/ing us. YouTube.

NOVA: Wake Forest Invents Ink Jet Organ Printer

(2011, February 14). Nova: Wake forest invents ink jet organ printer. YouTube. Retrieved November 29, 2011, from


Markus, Kessler. (2009, August 25). Offroad Kjoering Bühler 2009 (Ponyhof). YouTube. Retrieved June 8, 2010, from

The Running of the Squirrels in Pamplona

EDS. (2012, September 8). The running of the squirrels in Pamplona. YouTube.

Running Rings

Lexus. (2010, January 21). Running rings. YouTube.
- Intriguing ad campaign that uses the question, Why live in one dimension? to sell cars while simultaneously highlighting the interactive, interdisciplinary nature of the key elements of creativity.
(See also: Lexus IS Campaign).

The Simpsons

Devilfish. (n.d.). Come home to the simpsons. Vimeo.

See also: The Simpsons Real Life v. Cartoon - Unfortunately, the sound has been stripped, probably due to copyright claims

Soyjoy - Battle of the Beans

(2009, January 16). Soyjoy: Battle of the beans. YouTube. Retrieved April 19, 2009, from

Speed Painting with Ketchup & French Fries

(2007, March 8). Speed painting with ketchup & french fries. YouTube. Retrieved March 26, 2008, from

Speed Painting with Spoon & Chocolate Syrup

Eclectic Asylum Art. (2009, August 25). Chocolate speed painting with spoon. YouTube. Retrieved March 26, 2008, from

The Time You Have in Jellybeans

(2013, June 21). The time you have in jellybeans. YouTube.

Vegetable Orchestra

(2007, March 24). The vegetable orchestra. YouTube. Retrieved March 26, 2008, from

- First part of the video is a little slow

Waiting on the World to Change

DPan. (2007, August 1). Waiting on the world to change. YouTube.

Word as Image

Lee, Ji. (2011, October 6). Word as image. YouTube. Retrieved October 21, 2011, from

Videos ABOUT Creativity

A New Kind of Music Video with Yoni Bloch

(2010, May 8). A new kind of music video with yoni bloch. YouTube. Retrieved April 29, 2011, from

Changing Education Paradigms

RSA Animate. (2010, October 14). Changing education paradigms. YouTube.

The Click Moment

Johannson, Frans. (2012). The Click Moment. NY: Portfolio Penguin.

Dare to Wonder

Oreo Cookie. (2014, Jan. 26). Dare to wonder. YouTube.
- This 30-second video asks what would happen if we dared to wonder, dared to try, dared to share ourselves, dared to stop worrying who we are "supposed" to be, dared to use what is inside of us to overcome our fears and doubts.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Robinson, Sir Ken. (2006, February). Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? TED Talks (on YouTube). Retrieved April 27, 2007, from

The Flight of the Creative Class

Florida, Richard. (2005). The flight of the creative class: New global competition for talent. NY: HarperCollins. ISBN0-06-075690-X.

Flowers are Red

Chapin, Harry. (2008, January 29). Flowers are red. YouTube.

Alternate video version
Poem by Helen Buckley - Discusses the impact of teaching on creativity
Cuento--Un niño (Poem by Helen Buckley translated into Spanish)

Google Science Affair

Google. (2013, June 24). Google science fair. YouTube.

Historia de un letrero

(2012, June 5). Historia de un letrero. YouTube.

Laws That Choke Creativity

Lessig, Larry. (2004). Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity Ted Talks.(on YouTube). Retrieved November 7, 2008, from - Considers how laws control and constrain culture and the voice of the masses.

The Rise of the Amateur Professional

Charles Leadbeater: The Rise of the Amateur Professional - Begin with the section on New Creativity. Thought-provoking - Explains that creativity is collaborative, cumulative, and distributed. Discusses connections between social networks and "innovation in use," the need for collaboration between inventor and user and the disruptive nature of true innovations. Outlines the huge implications that lack of ability to self-express has for organizations, discusses differences between open and closed systems (think ecologies, stagnant ponds) and their likely impact on competition, and companies built on communities. His final explanation in the last 2 minutes re: how turning "users into producers and consumers into designers" will be difficult to stop, and the image he paints of what that could do in terms of changing education is particularly thought-provoking

Where Good Ideas Come From by Stephen Johnson

TED Talks on Creativity

TEDCreativity.JPG - A collection of TED Talks on creativity